Labeling Systems by Paragon


The original "AccuSpeed" apply-only label applicator designed for speed, accuracy and flexibility
The PLS-100 is a dedicated solution for quickly and accurately applying pre-printed labels to most any product, carton, case, tote, or pallet. The PLS-100 is reliable, powerful and versatile. Compared to higher cost label applicators, the PLS-100 offers more standard... download the pdf

Paragon Labeling Systems manufactures automated labeling systems for packaging, manufacturing and supply chain applications. The modular design of the systems enables easy assembly, maintenance and future upgradeability.

As a leader in print-and-apply labeling solutions, Paragon is at the forefront of integrating next generation monitoring/control and RFID technology into its automated labeling systems.

 PLS-400 Series
Advanced labeling systems designed for integration, logic control and RFID-EPC "smart label" encoding Paragon PLS-410
... download the pdf
 PLS-450 System
Advanced automated labeling control systems
designed to maximize productivity.
Paragon’s automated print-and-apply monitoring and control system, the PLS-450, enables you to integrate sophisticated labeling systems with industry accepted factory networks, software and controls, on either a small-scale or enterprise-wide basis. With added... download the pdf