Hitachi IJP (Ink Jet Printer)

Hitachi’s new PH Series builds on the extraordinary success of the current P-Family printer line. The new PH Series maintains all the benefits of the highly acclaimed PB and PXR series. Customers will appreciate reduced fluid consumption via our innovative ink circulation system resulting in the lowest total cost to own over time. PH Series printers utilize the same, proven stainless steel cabinet design, and all filters are replaced without the need for tools. PH printers continue the next chapter in the Hitachi America Limited’s famed ‘reliability story’. Automatic nozzle and gutter cleaning and a rigid, cast aluminum printhead allow for quick start-up and less down time. Our PH family is built with RoHS directives in mind.

PH Model
PH Model

PB Model

PXR-H Model (High Speed)

PXR-P Model (Pigmented)