High speed Print & Apply Labeling of Caulk Tubes


Customer wanted to decrease inventory of pre-printed caulk tubes. The way we accomplished this was to print & apply barcode labels specific to the product allowing them to minimize inventory carrying generic caulk tubes. Shown at...

Top and Bottom Labeling of Snack Products


Customer needed to increase productivity and placement of the top and bottom labeling. Dartronics provided a turn-key solution to properly label products at up to 30 per minute. Shown at right is a custom split conveyor system with...

Product Handling and Barcode Verification of Aerosal Cans at 600 CPM


Customer wanted 100% assurance that every can that was depalitized on the production line was identical. Dartronics provided product handling and barcode scanning system to seperate and positively identify that every can was the correct...

Digital Marking sheets of Formica 4 by 8 sheets


Provided Customer digital printing system to mark sheets of Formica with product information, part nuber and logo. The sheets were later cut into smaller samples to be handed out at the stores. Dartronics provided custom mounting of the 24...

Product Handling and Serialization of Cartons for Track and Trace


Customer was having problems with product diversion. They wanted a way to serialize every carton and track this through the distribution channel. We provided the Turn-Key solution. Not only did we mark the carton, but also the shipping...

Custom Mounting and Digital Marking of Ice Cream Wrappers


The customer wanted to improve the marking and coding of the ice cream wrappers. The original mechanical coders did not print consistently and reliably. They also required manual change of type for product changes. We provided an HP...

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